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Baumer Hubner Encoders
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Render Technology Solutions offers exact and better equivalents to many encoders like hengstler Encoders,Leine Linde Encoders, Kubler Encoders, TR Electronic Encodes.
These crossovers are designed & manufactured by taking care of the specifications and the applications of the encoders, where we assure that our Baumer Hubner Encoders will be better in performance and price. We always try to keep Crossover encoders in stock to minimize down time and get your machine running as early as possible.

Baumer Hubner provides the best for your applications with custom product design with the most eminent tone and precision you demand and provide the best sustenance to their customers compare to Henglster, Kubler, Leine Linde & TR Electronic.

Following are the encoder manufacturer for which we offer exact replacement, Please select the manufacture for which you need an replacement .

hengstler Encoder


Kubler Encoder


Leine Linde Encoder


TR Electronic Encoder


Tamagawa Encoder


Fanuc Encoder


Elcis Encoder


Pepperl & Fuchs Encoder




Posital Fraba Encoder


BEI Ideacod Encoder


Lenord Bauer Encoder


LTN Encoder


Balluff Encoder


Eltra Encoder


Tekel Encoder


IFM Encoder


Lika Encoder


Stegmann Encoder


Siemens Encoder


Siko Encoder


Sicod Encoder

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