BEI Ideacod Encoder

World class BEI Ideacod Encoders in India


BEI Ideacod

Sensata’s position line from BEI Sensors, Kavlico, and Newall, make up our highly-engineered devices that span the entire range of position sensors, linear and rotary encoders, potentiometers, draw wires and inclinometers. They’re designed to deliver:

  • High quality and durability
  • Accuracy, repeatability
  • Reliability in tough environments
  • Competitive pricing

Rotary Encoders

Encoders are optical or magnetic and incremental or absolute. Optical is more precise using a coded disc which produces a series of square waves. Magnetic versions use a magnet and an IC to translate the signal emulating an optical encoder signal so it is usable by a controller. Optical encoders are the “gold standard” for speed or position feedback and are widely used in industrial environments.

Incremental Rotary Encoder

Optical or Magnetic. Measures the relative movement of rotation. Especially good for speed measurement.

Absolute Rotary Encoder

Optical or Magnetic. Measures the absolute rotary position even after power loss, for precise position measurement.

Hazardous Rotary Encoder

Specially designed to work in explosive environments. Explosion proof, Intrinsically safe or non-incendive.
Stainless steel body, cover and shaft for protection in corrosive or washdown environments.


BEI Linear Encoders

Optical or Magnetic and Absolute or Incremental, Sensata’s BEI Sensors brand provides a comprehensive catalog to solve many industrial needs.

Linear Encoders

Linear encoders consist of precision ball bearings contained in a tube.  This tube passes through a set of inductive coils that takes advantage of the regularity and uniformity of ball bearings to create a series of sinusoidal signatures.  Using a proprietary algorithm, micron-level resolution and repeatability can be obtained.  This is perfect for metal fabrication environments, which are subject to metallic debris and cutting fluids which make glass scale approaches very problematic and expensive to install and maintain.  What’s more, the sensing elements can all be well sealed to at least an IP67 level for longevity and reliability in the harshest environments.

For Use With DRO Linear Encoders

Inductive linear encoders designed to interface with a DRO.


For CNC & PLC Linear Encoders

Inductive linear encoders specifically designed for an incremental interface to industrial CNC or PLC control.